Made in Belgium

All our cards & other goodies are thought up, drawn, and worked out at our kitchen table deep in the Westhoek (Ypres). From concept to design, from printing to packaging, all made in Belgium. Everything is made with attention & love.

An envelope of happiness & warmth for every moment

We love getting real mail! Our collection contains cards for beautiful to difficult moments. Moments that call for popping champagne & moments to give each other a big, warm hug. The perfect postcard for winter wishes, comforting words & birthday cheer. A touch of warmth on paper every time.

The reason for sending a card is not always nice or cheerful. How do you let someone know you are thinking of them without falling into the big clichés? Just then, a kiss on their minds can mean a lot. A small gesture with a big impact.

Some postcards are only available in Dutch, some in English and some in both languages. Are you looking for a specific card in another language? Please let us know & we will see what we can do.


All our papergoods are printed on Biotop paper. The postcards are always accompanied by a recycled envelope.

Our postcards are not individually wrapped in plastic. We consciously choose to work as sustainably as possible and do our small bit for a greener world.

By the way, did you know that biodegradable plastic bags are not as planet-friendly as they make out? You cannot compost them at home in your compost bin. It still requires industrial degradation processes. They are not broken down in seawater and therefore contribute just as much to the plastic soup in our ocean. Let us work together for a better world for our children and the generations that follow.

Free sample postcards

Do you have a great shop and want to become a retailer? We will send a sample set your way with lots of love. So you can soak up our atmosphere :).

Or take a nice day trip to Ypres and browse through our entire collection (by appointment).

Postcard carousel

Not much room but do you still want a nice selection of postcards? No problem! You can borrow our golden postcard carousel with Studio Bertha headpiece (for free*) when you fill it up completely! Our carousel holds 480 (48×10) cards.

* Only to be used for Studio Bertha & once-only.

Minimum order value & free shipping

  • All our postcards are sold in a set of 5
  • The minimum order value for wholesale is €150
  • Shipping is always free when the minimum order is reached.

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